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The real face of “Ghana Lucifer” unmasked


Ghana Jesus ‘Mmebusem’ has become an internet sensation due to his comedy episodes about the Lord and the saviour of Christianity.

Obviously another has also the controversy calling himself the Ghana Lucifer acting just like the devil, leaving social media especially Ghanaians in a state of confusion, as the word Lucifer is a worry to many.

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This new guy is called Ghana Lucifer and has also dropped his own skit about the devil.

The source close to Ghana Lucifer has revealed the identity of the guy behind it. The source added that the guy is a businessman who has never acted before but wants to put smiles on the face of Ghanaian and help release stress.

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Although the source did not give the name of the gentleman we assure you to find it soon.

Check his picture below;

Screenshot 20200105 074118 Opera News 696x1024 - The real face of "Ghana Lucifer" unmasked


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