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My Call For Change Of Name On KIA Airport Is From A Spiritual Standpoint – Sonnie Badu


Ghanaian-UK based gospel artist, Sonnie Badu has reemphasised his assertion that Ghana is suffering from adverse consequences stemming from the decision by past leadership to name the nation’s biggest airport, the Kotoka International Airport after a former military general.

The multiple award winning gospel act says his call is from a spiritual point based on the history of the country.

Earlier this week it was reported by GhanaWeb.com that the multiple award winning artist in reaction to an Instagram post by Kwame A Plus asserted that until the name of the airport is changed Ghana will not know peace.

“Ghana’s main problem since independence is this guy, general EK Kotoka, the guy who led the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah…. I wonder why our airport is still named after him…. It shows that we don’t know what we lost or appreciate what Nkrumah did for us. Ungrateful people.” A Plus posted.

Commenting on the post by A Pus, Sonnie Badu wrote “And he is sitting at the gateway to Ghana … well, you just solved the problem.. until the name is changed Ghana will never have their peace… The one who got us independence should have his name at the airport,”

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After attracting several criticisms on his comment, the gospel artist in Facebook live video monitored by GhanaWeb.com has re-echoed his assertion saying his comment is coming from a spiritual standpoint. “I don’t understand why this new generation is saying what does Sonnie Badu know?. No I am speaking from a spiritual standpoint.”

He added that his declaration of Ghana not knowing peace as a result of the name on the airport does not translate into a war for the country but is evident in the current happenings in Ghana.

When I say Ghana wouldn’t have peace I don’t mean….there is now war but you know what’s happening in Ghana, I don’t live in Ghana. Those who live there they know what’s happening they know what is going down. Last year I studied and watched Ghana things were just not happening even down to soccer, every time the Black Stars they go we fail, we have good players. Politics things are just not right.”

He said in the spiritual sense it is not right for the country to name the airport which is the also a spiritual gateway into the country after a person who betrayed and overthrow the one who gained independence for the nation.

He reiterated that with the history behind the name of the airport, it is important that the name is changed to avert the consequence of the betrayal against Kwame Nkrumah the first president of Ghana.


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