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I didn’t sue Joy Dadi bitters for money – Rex Omar


Highlife musician, Rex Omar, has stated that he did not file a suit against brewery company, Joy Industries Limited for money.

He explained that he took that action on principle and for the creative arts industry, adding that it has opened doors for other musicians to also fight for their right.

Rex Omar, in 2015, sued the brewery company for using some portions of his song, ‘Dada di da’ without seeking his consent.

The musician had argued that the company failed to pay him for using his intellectual property to advertise its product ‘Joy Dadi Bitters’ on the airwaves.

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The ‘Abiba’ hitmaker added that his rights were infringed upon by the company and that it is wrong for companies or individuals to use musicians’ creativity without crediting them.

After the long-standing case between him and the brewery company, a Koforidua High Court on 29 January 2020 slapped damages of GHS200,000 against Joy Dadi Bitters.

In a Facebook post to announce his victory, Rex Omar said: “I didn’t go to court against Joy Dadi Bitters for the money. I did it for the principle and the creative arts industry.

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You can’t use someone’s sweat and creativity just like that, without his permission, without crediting him and without paying him for it. That is against the law.

“This should open the door for all musicians whose music is used without their permission to demand what is rightfully theirs. I am glad I took this stand. We have been in court for years and I prevailed. But this is a sweet victory for the creative arts industry.

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“I must also thank my lawyers for staying by my side throughout this journey”.


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