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Video Of A Ghanaian Father And Daughter Professing Love To Each Other After Having S-£x Goes Viral


If you thought you had seen everything that can be described as either crazy or absurd in this world, then you will probably have to rewrite your notes after you watch this video which is currently going viral on Whatsapp platforms. 

The video sighted by zionfelix.net has a man, who will be in his late fifties forcing his ‘daughter’ who will be in her early twenties to be in a video he is shooting for somebody elsewhere. 

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Even though the young lady tries to tell him there is no sense in trying to shoot such a video, the old man was not budging. 

The old man is heard in a rather insane way telling the young girl who can pass as his own daughter that he loves her and forces her to say the same thing. 

The physical appearance of the pair in the video suggests that they had just finished bonking before they shot this video which has gone viral afterward.

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We are truly living in a crazy world just as Lucky Dube said in one of his popular songs.

Sadly, we can’t upload the video here due to our policies as a website but it has really gone viral, so just ask a friend on WhatsApp and you will get it to watch.


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