A youngster in Abuja named Vicky Ella has taken to her facebook page to state that no man can withstand her for 30 seconds regardless of whether the man consumed medications.

She proceeded to make another post saying that her voice on bed can make any man done in under 30 seconds. From this post she looks so certain and certain about her capacity and this is somewhat suprising. 

She likewise made another post saying: No man conceived of a lady can deal with me! 

This post has pulled in bunches of response expetedly from the male people with some trying her for a 1hr drive on bed. This post came at a time the nation has been stunned by accounts of a man that passed on over a little youngster subsequent to taking an overdose of improvement medicates just to dazzle the young lady. 

This woman Vicky Ella sure looks hot and has all the bends however testing that no man can withstand her on for 30 seconds appears to be a joke or would it be able to be genuine even on drugs.

Do you think she is kidding or is this posible by any stretch of the imagination? Lets hear your contemplations through remark and reshare to get notification from

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