Home Entertainment News Nana Ama Mcbrown reveals a shocking reason on how Kumawood collapsed.

Nana Ama Mcbrown reveals a shocking reason on how Kumawood collapsed.


Ace Ghanaian aactress Nana Ama McBrown has been explaining why the once vibrant Kumawood movie industry collapsed.

In an interview with Citi TV, McBrown said Kumawood had movie marketers who were unable to make the switch to streaming on time.

She was noted saying: “At that time just like the cd system, our movies were always on the market…there was nothing like internet marketing, social media, streaming, none of that. We were good when we switched from CD to DVD, the problem we are facing now, is that because we didn’t plan switching from CD to streaming, it has become difficult.”

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“The marketers who came in when I started are the same that people that went along with us from VHS to CD/DVD, we thought that the next invention would be another gadget, we didn’t know that someone could even watch a movie on their phone, so we were late in that regard. The time when others were switching we couldn’t switch with them, because the marketers selling our movies were businessmen not film makers, they had shops where our CDs were sold, and now they can’t go there (streaming) because they didn’t start with them and they don’t know what it is about, so they went back to their business.

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There are no movie marketers in Ghana. Now if you produce a movie and you don’t premiere, you can’t even bring it out. Where are you going to get the CDs done? Who are you going to give to sell to?” She added.


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