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Ghanaian broadcaster says; you are a slave if you have an English name.


Ghanaian broadcaster, Kwesi Kyei Darkwa who popularly goes by the acronym KKD has suggested that Ghanaians who have English or Christian names are slaves.

Speaking on the Ultimate Brunch hosted by Naa Klordey Odonkor, KKD stated that his father named him King George but since he became wise, he sought to know such names are slave names hence changing his name.

KKD who normally dresses in suit even in hot weather further narrated how a teacher asked for his son’s Christian name which resulted in him going to the school to question why the school will be requesting for the Christian name of his son.

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He further said the school asking for his son’s Christian name was an insult to Buddhist, Muslims and traditionalist.

KKD however adviced parents not to impose Christian names on their children and also added that Ashanti and other local names are good enough and thus show the true identity of an individual.

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KKD ended boosting of his son and daughter whose names are Kweku Darkwa Kyei Darkwa and Ohema Darkwa Kyei Darkwa.

He concluded by saying, I have a son Kweku Darkkwa Kyei Darkwa and a daughter Ohema Asokwa Kyei Darkwa, and because they carry the names of their culture, when people mention their names , people can say a proud son of Ghana, proud daughter of Ghana.


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