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Becca look disgusting and stinks after she bleached, I am no longer a fan – Akua Blakofe


Becca’s new song which has a line that goes like: ‘I’m black and I’m proud’ in one of the verses has annoyed Ghanaian media personality Sanaaheneba Akua, formerly called Blakofe. According to her, Becca should be the last person saying that after bleaching skin to look like a white woman just to please her husband.

Sanaaheneba Akua who said she was no longer a fan of Becca, has, therefore, blasted the singer for her hypocritical line and even suggested the singer’s skin could be smelly because of the chemicals she used for the skin.

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She wrote: “I’m no longer a fan. She looks disgusting. Because Nigerian women are “fair” she wanted to look that way for her hubby? And sorry to say, but men who go down on women who bleach, doesn’t it affect their brains? Sucking those chemicals? How do they deal with smelly skin, especially down there???? Because I know bleached skin smells, so down there dierrrrr… Yuck yuck yuck.”

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She further questioned what it meant for Becca to say she was black and proud.

“Becca says she’s black and proud. Discussion today, what does it mean to be Black & Proud. Lezgo.”

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