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Wanlov Kubolor Narrates His Experience The First Time He Engaged In A “Trumu Trumu” Affair


One person who has been tagged a homosexual in Ghana is Wanlov Da Kubolor, the controversial Ghanaian musician.

For the first time, Kubolor has opened on his sexual orientation in an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje.

According to Kubolor, he is a straight man who enjoys women. The only time he had gay seks was when he was a kid and was practicing “Maame me Paapa”.

Even that, he was at the giving end and not the receiver. Bedsides, Kubolor claims another girl was involved so it’s more like a threesome.

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“No one has ever sodomised me, I must say I was the one who rather sodomised another person when the lights went off…,” he told DJ Ohemaa Woyeje in an interview when he was asked if he has ever been sodomized.

“Those were the times of Mama and Dada when we wanted to show how prepared we are to bunk women when offered the opportunity to…,” he added.

Wanlove De Kubolor swore he has never enegaged in a homsexual act since that chilhood experiance and he does not plan on doing that anytime soon.

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However, he has engaged in a threesome with another man before. With that, the girl wanted it so he gave it to her.

“I have never been engaged in a sexual bout with a man but I once engaged in a two-some because the lady at the centre of it wanted it…,” he said.


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