Home Entertainment News Yvone Nelson and Efia Odo clashes on Twitter. Watch

Yvone Nelson and Efia Odo clashes on Twitter. Watch


Efia Odo has a different view concerning what Yvonne Nelson has said concerning the need for good deeds to be done in private.

In a tweet a day ago, actress Yvonne Nelson said that it is not a great idea to give to the poor and to let the world know about it.

According to her, such an act does not please God thus it is great for people to keep their good deeds done to others secretly so they can receive the blessings of God.

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She tweeted:screenshot 20200326 155649 opera news5040408697243083636. -

It appears, socialite and TV personality, Efia Odo has a contrary view as to why kind gestures, when done, be broadcast or not.

According to her, it is a great idea to show one’s good deeds to the world because it can motivate others to also give.

She tweeted:screenshot 20200326 160021 opera news2000651027545880913. -


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