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Breaking News: The Guinea citizen’s who came to Tamale with COVID-19, Alleged came for prostitution. Watch


The 10 Guineans who have tested positive for the coronavirus in Ghana this morning reportedly came to Ghana for prostitution.

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The foreigners who have been in the country for 11 days were part of a group of people who were put on mandatory self-isolation after they arrived in the Northern Region town of Tamale through Burkina Faso and Togo.

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According to Mr Oppong Nkrumah, the Guineans came into the country before all land borders were closed.

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The regional security brief from the Northern Region, Tamale is that these persons, as part of the surveillance, were brought to the attention of the joint regional security and health team and were asked to self-isolate eleven days ago and were tested as the 7 of the 8 affected was ladies.

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They were in Tamale for four days before they were before they were arrested and quarantined at a hotel behind the RCC.

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They came to Temale by bus from Aflao to Kumasi and also by bus from Kumasi to Temale. When they came to Temale they used Yellow Yellow until they were caught and quarantined in the same hotel they were lodging.

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Ghana’s Covid-19 cases have increased to 152 from 141, the Ghana Health Service has confirmed.

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While two people have recovered from the disease, five have died.

The lockdown which will take effect at 1:00 am, Monday will exclude essential service providers, members of the Executive arm of government, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, senior staffers, special assistants, media among others.

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If they indeed came for prostitution then how many men slept with them until they were arrested?
Details later


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