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Donald Trump descends heavily on China on their current Xenophobic attack on Africans.


President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has on Saturday accused the Chinese authorities of “xenophobia” toward Africans in China.

The said attacks occurred after coronavirus cases among Nigerians and other African nationals cause many evictions in the city of Guangzhou as well as the Chinese government seizing their passports and ejecting them from their hotels and lodgings on to the streets as reported by AFP.

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“The abuse and mistreatment of Africans living and working in China is a sad reminder of how hollow the PRC-Africa partnership really is,” a State Department spokesperson said, using the acronym for the Peoples Republic of China.

“At a time when we should be supporting one another to recover from a pandemic PRC officials recklessly hid from the world, Chinese officials are busy evicting African students into the streets without food or shelter.”

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“It’s unfortunate but not surprising to see this kind of xenophobia towards Africans by Chinese authorities,” the State Department spokesperson added.

“Anyone who watches Chinese engagement in projects across Africa recognizes this kind of abusive and manipulative behavior.”


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