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Any lady who has passed a certain age and still a virgin is because she is ugly – Bishop Dag Heward Mills


Founder and General overseer of lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward Mills says; women who grow pass see certain age in life whiles still a virgin means they are ugly which means as a pretty lady, your virginity has to be broken before you get to a certain age and even before marriage.

Bishop Dag Heward Mills made this controversial statement while preaching the word of God to his congregation in a video sighted online.

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He stated;“You ladies who are virgins is because you were not beautiful when you’re were at a certain age”.

When some members of the congregrantion started calling out, he said no one should get angry at him or shout at him when he is preaching the word of God.

As which part of the Bible that assumption came from, the Bishop failed to supply it.

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Bishop Day Heward Mills felt bad after he made that controversial statements in his sermon due to it caused a temporary controversy in the Church.


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