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Captan sends final warning to Natty Lee, addi self & joint 77 as he threaten to beat Kelvynboy.


President of Shatta movement, Shatta Wale in a live video has made it public that he is no longer working with Addi self, Natty Lee and Joint 77. According to him he sacked them around January 2020 because their disloyal to him.

Shatta said his millants are lazy and not focus in life. They are wack and don’t have any talent.

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The only person who is left in SM camp is Captan.

Captan also in a video captured by Ghcelebinfo.online said Natty Lee, addi self and joint 77 went to beg kelvinboy for a collaboration.

According to him KelyvnBoy turned them down because he told them, he has worked hard to reach where he is now.

Captan is not happy with kelvinboy because he said he wasn’t part of millants who came begging him for a featuring so kelvinboy should leave his name out. Watch the full video below


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