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Here is A Throwback Video of When Delay Told Addi Self He Would Be The One To Betray Shatta Wale


Well, is could be recalled that Delay some time ago said Addi Self Will one day Betray his Boss, Shatta Wale in an interview with Delay on Delay.

So Delay asked them whether they are being paid as the SM militants and in responds, The Militants said they are concentrating on the music production other that money.

In addition, Delay says she said this because initially when things takes off, it will be convenient to them and afterwards they will turn their back against Shattawale and Addi Self will be the first.

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Her sayings have come to pass when Shattawale himself in separate video said that he has sacked his militants since January. According to Shata Wale, he has sacked his militants since January, this year, but they are still in the group page doing things, which he Shata Wale does not like. 

Again, his militants do not know how to write songs for themselves. Addi Self is the main man here, ShattaWale said, he does not know how to write anything but gang up the rest against him. In his speech in the video, he encouraged his miliatants to do good music for the funs but all efforts on his side have proved futile.

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 Watch the two videos


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