Founder and Leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has been exposed big time by a lady Identified as Ama Born Again.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is known of being the man of God who prophesied about the death of late Ebony. He also became the talk of town after he Prophesied about upcoming 2020 general elections.

Well, this time around he has been exposed big time by Ama Born Again who claims to have met the man of God in the Gambia where he went for a program and revealed that Nigel Gaisie is a con man whose power comes from marine spirits and not from God.

According the Ama, She’s a successful businesswoman because of the powers a spiritualist bestowed upon her. T

Ama born again stated that, after meeting him, she unveiled the secret behind her success in business and it interest the man of God that he asked her to take him to the juju man because he needed the power to perform fake miracles and prophecies which would help boost his ministry.

During his stay in Gambia, Ama revealed she spent 500 dollars in preparing food for Nigel Gaisie.

Dropping more bombshell, she stated that the man of God ‘chopped’ her after she had gone to reclaim the 500 dollars she had spent in cooking for him during his stay there.


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