Prophet Nigel Gaisie the Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Worldwide says he would have stopped being a Prophet if it was not a calling from God.

Nigel Gaisie is currently under the radar of Member of Parliament(MP) for Assin Central Kennedy Agyapong and was earlier this week exposed on Net2TV for his promiscuous lifestyle and the use of juju for his Ministry.

Kennedy Agyapong noted that Nigel Gaisie is more of a criminal than Daniel Obinim because he set up one of his Junior Pastors who have left him.

Speaking in a video sighted by Prophet Nigel Gaisie said if his calling was not of God, he would have left the work he does now because God has blessed him with a number of things that will warrant him a good life.

“Ghanaians are jealous, some Ghanaians are jealous, if you don’t understand the thing shut up and let’s do the work of God, Shut up and let’s do the work of God. They will say all osrt of things against Men of God. You think we take delight…as young as I am everyday I’m preaching. Or you think personally If this wasn’t a calling I would not have left by now?

Personally, if God hadn’t called me at the age of thirteen, fourteen personally would have stopped this work. Because some people who are not up to where God has blessed you will say all manner of things about Men of God. Shut up!”

The Prophet acknowledged that he’s human and could also fault at certain things but that does not mean he’s not called by God.

“Shut up and let’s do the work of God, Shut up. I admit I’m human. I’m a prophet but I admit I’m also human. Blood flows through me and plays roles human beings play so I can make mistakes. But that does not mean that our father hasn’t called me.”

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