The Protest for the #BlackLivesMatter started when a White Police man who is known as Derek Chauvin knelt down on the neck of a famous street Black man’s neck who is known as George Floyd till he suffocated to death.

Unfortunately for Derek Chauvin, some citizens around were filming him whiles in the act of getting rid of George Floyd that made the video to circulate afterwards in order to create awareness of how the Whites treats the blacks in the country (USA).

The Protest keeps getting stronger and more lively as it has propelled to other nations to support the #BlackLivesMatters agenda due to how the Whites maltreated the Blacks since the 90s till date.

Meanwhile, the protesters has taken the demonstration to another hilarious level to mimick racist using the Ghana Jollof and Nigeria Jollof fiasco .The Ghanaian and Nigerian natives who are in the USA has helped pushed the #BlackLivesMatterbrouhaha to the Pinnacle as they are all part of the Black Society.

Yesterday, a picture was circulating online after the protest. The Blacks were displaying boards with a twisted writings to indicate on which Jollof Rice is the best between Ghana Jollof and Nigeria Jollof.

Undoubtedly, this protester is also a Ghanaian who lives in the USA as he also throw an indirect jab to Nigerians as he Protest against the Whites.

The Ghana Jollof and Nigeria Jollof has been a competition for ages now due to how it both taste great and only this two countries has a food called Jollof Rice so it will barely be a competition due to the love they have for their Jollof Rice.

They showcased on how the two neighboring countries has the perfect dish called the Jollof Rice but two Protesters were against themselves to apparently prove that Ghana Jollof is the best to vice versa.

Obviously, this racist maybe a Nigerian who resides in the USA due to how he subtled the Ghana Jollof and Nigeria Jollof feud.

See photos below;

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