Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the respectable Member of Parliament for Assin Central today in a meeting at Oman Fm has made some stunning disclosures around one of his numerous girls.

Kennedy, giving distinctive records on the present condition of his little girl made notice that she is currently a school drop-out, a medication someone who is addicted and furthermore asks men for sex in the United States of America-USA.

As per Kennedy Agyapong, he spent much on her instruction directly from her early stages through to the college where she (his little girl) chose not to promote her training however will rather carry on with her own life however she sees fit.

His purpose behind coming live on radio to share this story is on the grounds that he needs to rouse others to likewise realize how to deal with their kids.

He is a slave driver and carefully assumes responsibility for his youngsters yet on the off chance that any of them chooses to get things done all alone, he gives way yet can’t come back to him should you bomb throughout everyday life.

Portraying the story to audience members, he appeared to be amped up for the present condition of her girl all since she didn’t pay regard to his recommendation and most noticeably terrible, all things considered, picked to pull back from the college.

He said; “In the wake of paying $42,000 toward the start of the semester, she called me when I was in a plane to China that she’s dropped out of school”.

He again uncovered that his once rich little girl is currently asking for cash via web-based networking media to subsidize for her instruction back to the college after she dropped out to carry on with a foolish life.

Watch the video below;

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