A beautiful Ghanaian lady who’s identity is not known yet has taken to social media to ask if it is normal for a men to mix vajay drippings with pepper and lick, especially ewes?.

According to the beautiful lady, she’s 27 and married for 5 years to a 35-year-old man who’s an ewe by tribe and also a nurse by profession.

According to her, initially they where enjoying the love life until her husband changed his ways of ‘chopping’ her. She said her husband hardly chop her, all he does is to make her w£t and then mix the drippings with pepper and lick them off.

She said initially she was enjoying every bit of it until she realized his sudden behavior is something else since her husband prefer make her w£t than to ‘chop’ her.

Adding to that, she admit she does not even remember the last time her husband chopped her and it making her think otherwise.

According to the beautiful lady, she confined in her pastors wife and narrated everything to her and shockingly to her, her pastor’s wife told her it was normal. Even though she was shocked it struck her that her pastor is 100% Ewe man and could it be that the pastor dose the same thing to his wife?

Well in conclusion, she said she has heard the “pepper them” thing but never knew Ewes like it in a different way. And also asked whether it is normal especially for ewes??

see per post below;

c616f24a8481517f0609444e0ac1416c?quality=uhq&resize=720 - My husband mixes pepper with my ‘vajay’ fluid & licks it whenever he makes me w£t; is it normal? - Beautiful Lady ask

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