The Regional Chairman for the New Patriotic Party in the Ashanti Region Popularly known as, Chairman Wontumi as we all know to be very controversial and aggressive when it comes to Political matters. Chairman Wontumi has revealed why the National Democratic Congress must forget the 2020 Elections and focus on 2024 instead.

img 20200616 1007496670486406562062781 1024x683 - The NDC party is for sale,"Donkomi Donkomi" - Chairman Wontumi makes a hilarious statement

According to Wontumi, the main person behind the National Democratic Congress Party’s downfall is John Dramani Mahama but after he made a statement that, the NDC should forget the 2020 Elections, The members of the NDC are thinking of manipulating the vote counts due to the introduction of the new voters register with the perception of Jean Mensah being and NPP member.

Meanwhile, in 2016, John Dramani Mahama was a very close friend to the former Electoral commission Boss, Madam Charlotte Osei but still the NDC lost to the Presidential votes and in this 4th Republic, no NDC Presidential candidate has lose an Election with such bad record of vote counts margin to the NPP. Due to that, the appointees of John Dramani Mahama lost trust in him and even contested with him in the National Democratic Congress Presidential candidate election.

Elaborating on NDCs issues, he made a funny statement that, he would have been the Presidential candidate like if he was a member of the NDC. He later revealed that, NDC is for sale and they have sold the Party to John Dramani Mahama. And moreover John Dramani Mahama contested for the Presidential candidate not for the interest of the Party but rather to avoid being jailed due to his Airbus scandal. Still speculating, he insisted that John Dramani Mahama used money to get the Presidential candidate for NDC in case he is voted in as a President, his Airbus scandal will be debunked and termed as a “foolish case”.

Chairman Wontumi and Abronye Kwame Baffoe, has been exposing the National Democratic Congress based on their assumptions in recent days.

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