Actor cum musician, Kwadwo Nkansah known popularly as Lil Win has said that he will rather pour water into his ears than listen to Patapaa useless songs.

According to him, Patapaa has never recorded any sensible song since he joined the music scene and there is, therefore, the need for him to be banned from doing music.

Lil Win who was speaking to in an interview said “I would soak water in my ears rather than to listen to Patapaa’s song…He looks like an animal”.

Kwadwo Nkansah indicated that his children collapsed when they listened to Patapaa’s songs; an indication of how bad the songs are and the need for him to be barred from producing such songs that can kill human beings.

He noted that Patapaa has been living a lie because although he claimed his white Girlfriend had bought him a car, it was a lie.

”Patapaa lives a fake life. We were all in Ghana when Patapaa said his wife had bought a car for his birthday. Where is the car?”

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