Shatta Wale’s former best friend, Pope Skinny has opened up about the person who bought Shatta Wale’s first house for him.

Before this revelation, many Ghanaians believed that Shatta Wale bought his first mansion but it seems that it is the case.

The house that Pope Skinny is referring to is his East Legon house and in a recent submission, Pope Skinny said;

“Shatta Wale calls every musician broke and I will tell everyone how he got his first house at East Legon. He recorded a song ‘Mahama Paper’ for the NDC campaign and they didn’t win.

We went to Ibrahim Mahama’s house at Kawukudi junction and Shatta Wale told him he wanted a house instead of money after Ibrahim asked him what he wanted.

I was part of the people who told you to say that the house cost $1 million because it was a nice house with a swimming pool. That house does not cost $1 million.”

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