The newest trend on Ghana Twitter right now is #WaakyeLivesMatter following the viral photos of Ghanaian’s favorite dish, waakye packaged in a jar.

Waakye, a Ghanaian dish usually packaged in leaves or thin polythene rubbers with somebody’s reform to bottle it and add to the usual ways of packaging has taken Ghanaians to storm Twitter and refer to it with hashtag #waakyelivesmatter.

The local dish, waakye, which is a mixture of rice and beans cooked together, is packaged in rubber or leaves for customers.

Nevertheless, with the arrival of the coronavirus, there have been various modifications to packaging and transporting food which made a food joint decide to package their waakye in jars.

Among the foods packaged in a jar nowadays is cake but someone had added waakye to it of which has displeased some lovers of the local dish.

We gathered some of the funniest and interesting reactions from Ghanaians to the packaged waakye.

According to Nungua Justin Bieber, packaging his beloved food in bottles is gross disrespect.

Playboi Young also came along to say that waakye lives matter and should never be put in jars.

According to Ekow Hatman, “The waakye is being suffocated, cannot breathe, and needs to be let out.”

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