The self acclaimed Young Millionaire Popularly known as Ibrah 1 has clashed in a feud with the Member of Parliament for the Assin Central Constituency, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong. Ibrah 1 attacked Kennedy Agyapong on Snapchat for accusing Bishop Daniel Obinim of money laundering.

Bishop Daniel Obinim was recently arrested and charged with Publication of False news and forgery of documents with other three sureties. He spent over three-days in the Police Custody due to his inability to pay his bail.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has expressed his anger to Ibrah 1 after raining bitter insults on him and dared him to apologise to Bishop Daniel Obinim or face his Ralph of exposing him to the world over some evil deeds he is also doing behind closed doors.

Ibrah 1 yester night, threatened the Honourable and the President of Ghana, to get rid of them in three days time if Kennedy Agyapong fails to apologise to him for tarnishing his image live on TV.

Many informats, called Kennedy Agyapong to reveal some crimes Ibrah 1 is causing in the country in which the National Security is not aware. According to sources Ibrah 1 is a serial fraudster who uses stolen cars to show off.

Based on suggestions, Ibrah 1 is likely to be charged with, Threat of death, Fraud and financial crimes as a form of theft or larcency and Motor vehicle theft and Publication of False news.

Threat of Death; is when he threatened Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and President Akufo Addo to die in barely three days.

Fraud and financial crimes; is when he duped and scammed foreigners in a fake business.

Motor vehicle theft; is when Kennedy Agyapong revealed that, he hasn’t paid duties on most of his Porsche cars. And it is the duty of the custom officer’s and INTERPO to investigate.

Publication of False news, is when he accused Hon. Kennedy Agyapong of killing the late JB Danquah and Ahmed Sule.

If Kennedy Agyapong levels all this cases against him and he turn out to be guilty, then Ibrah 1 will suffer a jail term if he fails to pay the charges levelled against him as bail.

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