Home Lifestyle “Jail loading” as Nana Agradaa vindicate Nana Hoahi with her Mastermind (Video)

“Jail loading” as Nana Agradaa vindicate Nana Hoahi with her Mastermind (Video)


Recently, a Popular controversial TV presenter on Next TV and former Rev. Obofour’s junior Pastor, Popularly known as, Nana Hoahi has been on the thread in recent times after he was arrested for making some exposure of the Anointed Palace Chapel General overseer, Kweku Obofour Antwi Popularly known as Rev. Obofour.

Rev. Obofour called for the arrest of Nana Hoahi after he insisted that Rev. Obofour is a murderer who uses young ladies for blood rituals. Nana Hoahi is said to be the most popular fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa’s spiritual son who works with him to expose and torment Rev. Obofour.

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Nana Agradaa has been the closest friend of Nana Hoahi in recent times with the dossier and secrets he gives to her on Rev. Obofour since he has once been very close to Rev. Obofour as they are now rivals.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that, Nana Hoahi exposing Rev. Obofour live on TV was a trap set by Nana Agradaa.

According to Nana Agradaa elaborating this live on Thunder TV, she narrated that, When she was a rival to Nana Hoahi, and he was accusing her of money laundering and homosexuality, she couldn’t get any reasonable evidence to drag Hoahi to Court so she decided to be poised and befriend him to employ him as an undercover worker to get more information.

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Nana Agradaa deceived Hoahi with money as Hoahi appear live on TV to confess that all the allegations he made of Nana Agradaa was lies so he is a changed person. Nana Agradaa planned all this to drag Hoahi to prison with her mastermind after Hoahi defamed him.

Watch Nana Agradaa as she speaks;

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