A Ghanaian commercial ‘escort’ who’s identity was not disclosed has narrated how she offers door-to-door services to some ‘men of God’ in this country.

The young lady disclosed that she risk her life to go and satisfy these Pastors because they pay better than the ordinary customers, since they prefer their escapades to be under strict confidentiality.

In an interview with SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami, the beautiful lady who’s at her mid 30’s explained that she developed the love for pastors after some men of God patronized her service. She added that one of these pastors even told her, the wife makes him unhappy, hence he prefers ‘’them’’ instead.

According to her she earns a lot out of the service and she’s comfortable with the work she dose and also proud of her job. 

During the interview, she was asked about how she managed to sustain her business during the 3-week lockdown and this is what she said;

“I was doing room service; thus I have clients who will call me for my service. Even though business was very slow, I survived because I had done some little savings prior to the pandemic so luckily I depended on that’’.

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