It’s quite unfortunate the worse things are happening in this year 2020, as day in day out people keeps dying.

Even though the deadly Coronavirus is at the corner hunting us, Nana Kwame Despite’s Despite Media Group in particular is at their difficult and sad times as two of their worker died in just a month of which one died on the 4th June and the other died yesterday.

Whilst mourning the death of the two media personalities, a video has surfaced.

Apparently, controversial man of God Owusu Bempah of Glorious Word Power Ministry International prophesied death over the Despite Media Group, precisely at Okay and Peace FM.

The man of God noted in one of his sermons dated somewhere 2019 that Peace and Okay FM will lose some of it leading members if prayers are not invested to avert it.

According to the man of God, workers who have helped built the media giant would pass unceremoniously!

“….workers at Peace FM will die without exclusion ….. It’s a strong force from the demonic realm that wants to overtake and overcome the company because I see a funeral cloth covering Peace FM” he said.

Watch the video below;

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