Yesterday, The New Patriotic Party held their Election Primaries in their basic constituencies as many sitting MPs retained their sits whiles also numerous MPs also lost their sits ahead of the General Elections.

After the Primaries came to a successful end even though some constituencies experienced some disputes due unfairness and disagreement in one’s favor, various delegates of the Party potrayed a mixed feelings after their aspirants contesting didn’t come out victorious as well as some were delightful after they came out victorious.

Most people wasn’t expecting some shocks from the Primaries after they suffer with the huge blow from delegate. 40 NPP members of Parliament has been kicked out by delegates as this has been the first in decades of such astronomical numbers of MPs has been overthrown.

As things went on successful for some, others also are suffering from a shocking trauma after their lost due to how they have invested into persuading delegates during their campaign but to no avail.

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See some sad Photos of the NPP Primaries below;

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