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Why Are Christians Not Praying To Die Early So They Go To Heaven If Indeed There Is Heaven? – Avraham Ben Ask


We were told from childhood by our Christian parent and also the HolyBible that indeed the is heaven, where the righteous will go after judgement.

Even if you know nothing about heaven I believe you’ve heard the story of Enoch in the Bible, who went straight to heaven without dying as a result of his righteousness. That alone should tell you that, indeed there is somewhere called heaven where the righteous will be after Judgement only if you believe in judgement.

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But that’s not the case of controversial former pastor, Avraham Ben Moshe who’s now the leader of an apostate movement called Common Sense Family as he believes there is no heaven.

According to the common Sense Family leader, if indeed there is heaven as Christians do believe why is it that they don’t pray to God to kill them so they can go and enjoy the life of eternity in heaven but rather pray for longer life on Earth where there is suffering?

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He also said Christians do believe in thing that do not exist and thus they should stop deceiving themselves.

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