Following Supreme Court decision blocking the use of birth certificate and the current voter ID as proof of nationality in the upcoming voters’ registration exercise across the country, the direct opposition party, National Democratic Congress(NDC) has said it is disappointed and disagree with the Supreme Courts decision.

This was made known to the public by the flag bearer and former president of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama at a news conference last night.

According, former president Mahama, the party(National Democratic Congress) strongly disagrees with position taken by the apex court, which he said, has created confusion in the minds of even legal experts.

Mr Mahama also said the Supreme Court decision to eliminate the old voter’s card and birth certificate as proof of nationality has thrown the whole country into a stake of confusion.

Former President Mahama Said;

“We are deeply disappointed and strongly disagreed with the courts over this outcome,” Mr. Mahama also said “indeed thrown the whole country into a state of confusion”.

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