Popular socialite Mona Montrage, known on social media as Hajia4reall, has left many tongues wagging on social media after showing off her birthday presents on social media.

In a Facebook post sighted, the popular social media star showed off her new Range Rover car and new house in Trasacco.

According to Mona, she received the two huge gifts as part of her birthday presents on her birthday which was celebrated on June 26, 2020.

In the video, a rather excited Hajia4reall was seen posing close to her new whip and magnificent house as she jumped about.

“New car, new house, new me”, Hajia4real was heard screaming in excitement probably because she could not control herself after she received the gifts.

The black Range Rover was seen parked in the house as it was fitted with pink balloons.

Her new house also hard ribbons tied to its pillars to signify that it was newly-built and that no one had lived in it before.


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