Osebor, real name Richard Brown made headlines in the Ghanaian media when he showed up as Nana Aba Anamoah’s baby daddy.

Since then, Osebor has been in the news over a couple of times with his choice of fashion.

Despite being mocked on social media for wearing skirts and dresses, he appears not to be “bothered”, as he continues to dazzle in these outfits every single other day.

In an exclusive interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso [Delay] on the Delay Show, the Zara boutique owner has said that he is not stopping to dress like a woman anytime soon.

Delay asked : “The last time, I saw you in a suit. You looked really amazing. I have to be truthful. Then I saw an image of you in skirt on social media. I was like Are you okay?”

“Because the Osebor I know shouldn’t be doing this.”

But Osebor responded: “I am someone that nothing bothers me. I have grown to have a tough skin to naysayers.”

“But you are 49 years almost in your 50’s. How does your children feel to see their daddy dressing like a woman,” Delay asked.

Osebor responded: “My last daughter called me recently. She is the love of my life now. I really love her.”

“She told me on phone that I should stop dressing like a woman because her friends will laugh at her in school. But I can’t, I told her I can’t stop but I will try.”

“Look, all men who brought new fashion styles in the world birthed that idea when they were old. Am not saying I need to be so but I want to build a certain brand,” he added.

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