As said by the president of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, Ghanaians should be citizens during his term in office and not spectators and a resident at Aflao has decided to comply to the ‘order’ by the president to be a citizen as he took upon himself to visit the border and find out what is actually happening after some reports have said there is heavy military presence in the area.

The resident identified as Israel Emmanuel Ahedor following his twitter handle name released a video to show what exactly is happening at the Aflao border amid the reports of military presence in the area.

The said video sighted on the personal Twitter handle of Israel indicated that absolutely nothing unusual was going on.

According him, he believes there is a lot of propaganda that is being associated with the reports of a military deployment at the Ghana-Togo border when it is business as usual in the area.

Sharing the video on him twitter page he wrote;

I’ve missed a lot of discussions and trends for today including the popular Fellow Ghanaians address because unlike some people who fall for every propaganda, I took it upon myself as a citizen to check out what is really ongoing in my region, the Volta Region of Ghana.”

Watch the video below

But It’s thought that the military men are in a different area and not the border where Israel took the video at

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