Attention Seeker, Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, is all over is always want to after sharing naked picture of herself with her son on social media thanks mark his birthday.

According to Akuapem Poloo, she had to go naked today June, 30 because it is the birthday of her beloved son who she bore with little or no stress at all.

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In celebration of her son’s birthday and the fact that she conceived him naked, she has to stand before him naked to prove that she is his mother and he has to remember that in her nakedness he was brought forth, in case he finds her lying naked anywhere he should remember this day.

In the picture sighted on the actress’s social media handle, Rosemond brown had no clothes on and had squatted in front of her son who wore only male underpants while standing.

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Son today reminds me of the very day I gave birth to you with no stress and with no regret…..30th June 2013 exactly 4:46am Sunday Haha I still remember this date paa because it’s really meant a lot to me, I only felt the 30 minutes pain when you were turning to come out🙉🙉🙉 you were soo good to me. I gave birth with no complication, no cut no disability Haha I love you son. You see how you looking at me🤔 always remember that I love you👩‍❤️‍👨 I’m naked in front of you because this is how naked I was giving birth to you, so in case you find me naked lying somewhere don’t pass by me but rather see me as your mom who brought you to life. ——————————————————— HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU @sonof_poloo 📸 @arxstudios Muah @humblessignature

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