Since the Supreme Court gave the Electoral Commission (EC) the go ahead to compile the New Voters Register, this made the government to deploy heavy Military Force to the Volta Borders and shortcut routes in which some the Togolese penetrate into the Country just to stop them from having access to the New Voters Register.

Many rumours has circulated saying, some Togolese get their names registered in the New Voters Register anytime the exercise is going on just to vote whenever it is the time for Elections.

The Soldiers we’re deployed to the Borders to stop all these foreigners and to enforce transparency in the Registration exercise which will be kicking start today, that’s; 30th June, 2020.

Many opposition leaders and the Voltarians has lambasted the Government deploying Soldiers to the Volta Region due to how scared they are and moreover, Ghana Soldiers are very strict and aggressively discipline when ever they are assigned to ensure security in a given area.

See some Photos of the Ghana Armed Forces arrival in the Volta Region;

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