Artiste manager, Mr. Logic,  has advised industry players to stop creating beefs for popularity as it doesn’t help their career in the long run.

In an interview with Dr. Cann on Happy Fm’s Showbiz Xtra, he stated that female artistes do not need beef to be popular

This came as a piece of advice to upcoming female musician, Dede Supa, after she mentioned on a previous episode of the show that Sista Afia, Fantana and Wendy Shay are not musicians but slay queens.

According to Mr Logic, he is always happy when he sees females thriving and making it however, he hates to see disrespect.

“You shouldn’t allow yourself to be encouraged that if you hit at people, it will make you popular and big. It will probably bring you enemies that can pull you down.

We have certain forces and certain gatekeepers in this industry who can bring you down. Maybe you don’t know the politics in this job but if you hit at someone especially when they haven’t done anything to you, people will wonder who is this upcoming act that has started hitting at people and probably won’t like you”, he reiterated.

The manager continued that Dede should have at least allowed the public to assess her or wait for the other artistes to say something against her. That way, if she hits back and they keep throwing tantrums at her, the public will defend her because she did nothing to them.

“As a female artiste, you don’t need beef…. Your beauty, your personality alone is enough”. He finally added.

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