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Meet the four brothers of the Mahama family


The former President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama and his siblings has really been working together for so long. They have been able to achieved what they’ve always wished for due to their determination. They are all known as one of Ghanaian richest business men who are tagged as Millionaires.

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John Dramani Mahama and his youngest brother who is also known as Ibrahim Mahama are part of the top ten Ghanaian richest men corresponding with their Net-worth. The Mahama family has been very successful in all their endeavors due to how they’ve been very supportive to each other. This article is to show you all the siblings of John Dramani Mahama from the oldest to the youngest of Emmanuel Adama Mahama and Joyce Tamakloe the parents of the four brothers.

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Alfred Abdullai Mahama

1.Alfred Abdullai Mahama: Alfred Mahama is an Environmental consultant and a project coordinator. He is one business man who has his own businesses and does not need government appointment to survive. Alfred Mahama is the oldest son of the Mahama family. He is a very strict and educated man who has not getting himself involved into government appointments or contest for as an aspirant even when his brother became the President of the Republic of Ghana but he is a very loyal supporter to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

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John Dramani Mahama

2. John Dramani Mahama: The former President of the Republic of Ghana and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama has been the most recognized and successful person in his relative after he got the chance to become the Vice President of Ghana and advanced as the President after the late John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills passed on as President. John Dramani Mahama is the second born of the Mahama family. He is the breadwinner to his brothers after making them significant due to the height he has gotten to. John Dramani Mahama is still pushing to be the President of Ghana for the second term as he is still anticipating towards the General Elections.

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Ibrahim Mahama

3.Ibrahim Mahama: Ibrahim Mahama is a businessman and the Founder of engineers and Planners, the most largest and indigenous-owned mining company in West Africa and the owner of numerous businesses in Ghana. He is the third born of the Mahama family and seems to be the most richest after John Dramani Mahama. He has also been recognized due how he has established himself to the core. He is a highly respected man who is known as a philanthropist. Ibrahim Mahama is a very humble gentleman despite his riches, he is very simple and Noble type of person who rarely flaunts his assets on social media.

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Samuel Adam Mahama

4.Samuel Mahama: Samuel Adam Mahama has not been really recognized like his senior brothers until recently, The International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) issued an arrest warrant for him in a bribery scandal brouhaha. Samuel Adam Mahama is the youngest and upcoming Politician like his big brother, John Dramani Mahama. He is really into Politics and have characteristics like his elderly brother, John Dramani Mahama. Samuel Adam Mahama could be the next biggest thing in Ghana regardless of his case with the Interpol due to his passion for Politics.

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This are the Brothers of John Dramani Mahama and the Mahama family.

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