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Rev. Lawrence Tetteh reveals why some ladies are still single despite their ages and is scary.


Have you wondered why some ladies of age are still single with no hope of finding suitable partners to take them to the altar? Well, the man of God, Reverend Lawrence Tetteh has sort of uncovered why most of these ladies are still single.

According to Reverend Lawrence Tetteh in an exclusive interview with Berla Mundi on TV3’s New Day Show, some ladies are spiritually married to deities, snakes, woods, and other animals hence their inability to find partners.

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Reverend Lawrence Tetteh revealed;

“When you sleep you don’t know where you are going and as a matter of fact the things that happen in our dreams in most cases manifest in the physical.

I know ladies who by the orgasm and the sensational [feeling] and the affection they have in their dreams through sex, [they] don’t even have in normal sex with human beings. It means spiritually you are connected.

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As a matter of fact, anything that happens physically has already happened spiritually”.

If you are a lady and of age and not getting a partner to put the ring on your finger, then you are probably married to one giant snake spiritually per the revelation of Reverend Lawrence Tetteh.


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