Home Entertainment News Young Lady Howls In Pain While Getting Tongue Piercing: Ghanaians React (Video)

Young Lady Howls In Pain While Getting Tongue Piercing: Ghanaians React (Video)


What is really wrong with this generation? some act from we the youth are something uncalled for! Having some unnecessary things on our bodies in a mix of a global pandemic is really a disturbing one.

It is known for a fact that piercings are nothing new in the Western world. However, I must say I’m quite surprised at how quickly it seems to also be dominating Africa as well.

Some ladies in Ghana and Africa at large have adopted such act from the Western world and changed the norm of having a pierce on each ear for the wearing of earrings as a girl to having more than one piercings on the ear and some other parts of the body including the nose, mouth, tongue, at the back of eyebrows just to mention few and some men are included.

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Mind you! It appears that having Piercing on parts of your bodies hurt a lot but such ladies and gentlemen take such risk to have the piercings done on their body for a reason known to themselves and the God almighty.

Well, a video of a beautiful young lady whose identity is not known have got social media users reaction as she was seen screaming in pain while piercing her tongue.

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In the video one could see the lady already having a piercing on her tongue and adding another one to it and she couldn’t bear the pain as she howls.

Watch the video below..


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