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Eii slay queens are suffering oo, watch what this lady is doing to herself in the name of beauy


Wonders Shall never end.Some women can do anything just to impress and attract society but deep down they are pain in the name of fashion. It’s about high time Ghanaian women desist from copying the central world because we can never be like them we need to go back to our old ways.

Sometimes I wonder what at all those women wants to archieve in this world, as if they will never perish. As a woman, it’s good to look attractive but that doesn’t mean that you should go haywire in the name of looking beautiful. And sometimes they go overboard which makes them look weird as a normal Human being.

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In a video circulating online, an anonymous lady has been sighted at a beauty saloon piercing an ear ring in her tongue. In the video, she was seen screaming and crying bitterly whiles the ear ring is being pierced in his tongue. Meanwhile nobody forced her to do that to herself. Sometimes peer pressure is the most cause of this and the perception to look attractive and unique.

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It’s about high time some ladies need to know what is right for them in the society and moreover the upcoming ones are looking up to them so they must learn to at least look decent, you can still look pretty and decency it all about your self confidence.

Watch video below;


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