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Sex for Grades 2: How lecturers slept with us and passed us on to colleagues – Students recount


Two former students of some tertiary universities in Ghana have recounted the sordid ordeal they went through in the hands of their male lecturers who slept with them and passed them on to others to also satisfy their unbridled libido.

Narrating the unfortunate happenings to BBC Africa Eye’s Kiki Mordi one of the two ladies revealed how she has consistently been abused by a lecturer who pestered her for sex even in his office.

They narrated that the lecturer passed them onto other lecturers after having his way. According to them they couldn’t resist the others because they were “emotionally blackmailed.”

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“If he manages to get to you and it goes through, he passed the message on and another lecturer also tried to come at you because they know this lecturer also has it. But if you say no to that lecturer he says to you that but you made this lecturer do this why are you denying him. There is that emotional blackmail back to back”, she revealed.

According to them, it is that game where one lecturer makes his way and inform the rest that the victim is an issue target and therefore she becomes a tool they pass around to ‘repair their private parts”

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Giving the modus operandi of these lustful lecturers, the victims, Tiffany and Superwoman (not their real names) revealed that they operated as father figures and built the confidence of the students around them before striking.

To keep them in a closed loop, the lecturer appointed them as representatives of his course making it impossible for them to evade him.

“I was also made course rep actually, he can call you and say I need you in my office to pick up this assignment and send to your mates and I genuinely ask, is there anybody else in the office and then he says yes my assistant is here or some of your colleagues are here only for you to get there and there is no one there,” one of the ladies narrated.

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