Home Entertainment News Asem oo!! Nakk£d tw3rking video of 3 SHS students surfaces online

Asem oo!! Nakk£d tw3rking video of 3 SHS students surfaces online


Recently, the use of social media has polluted and corrupted our youth even at a tender age. The Ghana Education Service must put measures in place in order to help SHS students to desist from abominable and unpleasant acts.

Most at times, some ignorant wants to adapt some bad acts from the new friends they make when they start Senior High School.

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Lately, numerous videos of shs students usually girls surfaced online in which some anonymous female students were encouraging their fellow students about s€x. Such explicit and sensitive acts is becoming a norm in recent times.

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Shs girls are found of dropping their tw£rking videos on the internet just for unnecessary trends. But not this time around in this Examination month.

A group of SHS students (school name with held) has been sighted in a viral video whiles at dorm tw£rking so badly with an unpleasant dress. A close sources revealed that, they are final years.

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Are we safe? So when will such an embarrassment get to an end? Most at times some of this things tarnishes the image of that very school even when this final years leave school.


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