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Agyin Asare in trouble: Chairman Wontumi threatens to expose him of his secret side chick


The Ashanti Regional Chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) popularly known for his controversies as Antwi Bosiako aka Chairman Wotumi has been very much controversial and outspoken in recent times after he opened his Wontumi Multimedia. He has set that platform to address on Political matters and campaign for his beloved NPP ahead of the December election.

Chairman Wontumi shows up every morning on Wontumi Radio to discuss in Political issues with his everyday controversies. Chairman Wontumi has descended heavily on Popular Bishop known as Agyin Asare after he started focusing on Political matters embedding progress in the country as he insist.

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Bishop Agyin Asare has been lambasting and lamenting against Politicians agenda’s that is gradually causing retrogression to the country in which no one has been able to rise against that, so he Agyin Asare will make sure to eradicate these deeds.

This has provoked Chairman Wontumi to also stand against the Bishop with a whole lot of accusations and threats together with his so called advise.

According to Chairman Wontumi, Agyin Asare is being hypocrite and unfair to the ruling government because when the National Democratic congress were on power and some crisis and scandals were going on such as the Airbus Scandal and “Dumsor”, Agyin Asare kept quiet on it but as the NPP has come into power he is attacking them. Agyin Asare then tagged him as a Pharisee.

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Yesterday, Agyin Asare disclosed that, he has never cheated on his wife or even had a lust for a different woman since he got married to his wife. He revealed this while preaching against Politicians.

Meanwhile, Chairman Wontumi has also pondered on his revelation by saying cheating on your wife is not a sin and not cheating too doesn’t give you the mandate to go to heaven but rather Agyin Asare is even telling lies of not cheating on his wife because, he have the full dossier of Agyin Asare that can expose him of the lady he is having beside his wife. He then urged Agyin Asare to dare him if he thinks he is a man enough.


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