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Son of 90-Year Old Woman Who Was Killed for Being A Witch Speaks For The First Time – Narrates What Happened


A son of the late Ghanaian woman, Mariama Akua Denteh, who was killed by residents of Kafaba in the North for allegedly being a witch, has spoken out about what happened to his mum.

He narrated how his mum was beaten and left for dead, how he found her and how she died after he carried her home.

The story went viral a few days ago – some residents of a town were shown beating down a 90-year-old woman on suspicion that she’s a witch.

The horrible video showed some people gathered and assaulting her with whips and blocks – a truly terrible sight!

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She later died.

Ghanaians have been calling for justice and for her killers to be arrested. 

Her son, who spoke with a social media user gave more details about what happened. It’s more than heartbreaking.

The social media user after the conversation wrote: “I just finished speaking to the son of the old lady who was murdered. He is in his 60s. He tells me his mother was buried this evening around 4:30pm.

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“The old lady’s name is Mariama Akua Denteh. She left behind 21 grandchildren.

“The son lives outside the town and said on the day, he received a call from his younger sister who lives with their mother that the town’s people had come for her from the house.

“He tells me that by the time he got to Kafaba his mother had been beaten so badly until she fell unconscious and had been left for dead. He took her home and he said she came out of it briefly and said “my son, welcome, please give me some water let me drink”

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“She died after drinking the water. #Just4AkuaDenteh


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