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Asem Aba! Watch the doom Prophecy Prophet Nigel Gaisie made of Sista Afia Today


Prophet Nigel Gaisie has warned that until Afia calls on a Man of God, she shall encounter her doom by March 2021. The Founder and Leader of Prophet Hill Chapel, Prophet Gaisie told his congregants that it has been revealed onto him that the young artiste is being attacked in the spiritual realm.

He noted that the vision as unveiled by the Lord, tells of how the entire nation would be thrown into shock when the misfortune happens.

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“She will be a great lady. And I saw that something has happened to her. And I saw that the whole nation was taken aback. But the Lord says she should pray.”

He urged Afia to seek an intercessor to save her from that calamity.

“The devil wants to strike her. I saw a stool spirit, and I saw that something has happened to her and the nation was taken aback. It was unexpectedly. So anybody that knows her should tell her.. she should not come to me…if she wants to come she can but she should go and see a Man of God to cover her. And I am seeing this in the month of March 2021. As I have unearth it, from now to March 2021, it can happen.

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“The Lord appeared to me and I saw a star… and then I saw that the star was being attacked. And then I saw the whole nation n radio, on TV, on Internet was saying Afia, Afia, Afia!!!”


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