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“Slave Queen”:See how a Slay queen went from something to nothing but AIDS


Slay queen often defined as being on your “A” game, a woman that has her hair , make up and outfits always on point, some slay naturally, some spend a lot to slay while some slaying comes at a high price.

Not all slay queens are independent, in fact South Africa has a different definition of slay queens, often defined as women who are gold diggers, a woman that portrays a picture of being wealthy and independent while they are not , behind most slay queens are older men lurking in their shadows , men called “Blessers” that’s just another word for Sugar Daddy, an older man who often has multiple girlfriends in different area codes, he lavishes with gifts in exchange for intercourse and companionship from “Blessees” the formally known as slay queens who’s the recipient of gifts and expensive luxuries during courtship

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Blessers have multiple partners often doing what the bleeser wants as its the initial agreement of the companionship, which means they are automatically promiscuous, having intercouse with multiple people without using any protection

Most blessers that have HIV don’t tell their blessees at all, while most of the girlfriends becomes victims , as they get infected by HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, some track it at first hand of testing or visiting the clinic enabling them to get treatment before they are sick which is great, while some detect it after being sick for a while

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Sadly that’s the price to pay for the lavish lifestyle slay queens acquire from their blessers , here’s a slay queen that went from slaying to bed rest, a young beautiful Lady real indentity could not be disclosed, but used to slay, had the lavish lifestyle, got everything her heart desired and very expensive things , now laying very ill and moribund on the very same expensive bedding blessers bought

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See before and after

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