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I am looking out for the blessings COVID-19 has brought to us not the negatives – Manifest


Despite the disappointment handed out by 2020 because of the novel coronavirus, rapper M.anifest is looking forward to a more robust music industry in Ghana.

“We have to create some opportunities out of some of these disappointments and problems,” he said on Citi TV‘s Face to Face when discussing the losses brought on by the pandemic to the industry.

M.anifest himself was scheduled to hold a concert in London in May but has lost out on the planned revenue and added exposure.

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This has reminded him of how “fractured the structure is” because a lot of Ghanaian artistes rely on concerts for revenue.

But whilst most of Ghanaian society appears to be back to normal following initial public gathering restrictions, no room has been made for concerts amid the coronavirus safety protocols.

So for M.anifest, it has become important to adapt to what many are calling the new normal and not dwell on the losses.

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“I think I have been around long enough to know that I have to adapt to challenges. I think I was quick to really configure my mind not to focus on what were missed opportunities but to focus on what could be done.”

And for the bigger picture, he says the disruption brought on by the pandemic is a chance to restructure the entertainment industry.

“It is time to actually band together and figure out new ways to resuscitate this thing otherwise we are going to go a couple of years backwards,” he warned.


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