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MzVee narrates how armed robbers took away cash meant for her music video in South


Songstress MzVee has narrated a gory incident that happened to her when she went to South Africa to shoot a video for her new song, Baby.

According to her, she had some dollars [payment for the video and hotel bills] with her from the airport.

She said after she and her team left the airport, they dashed into a shop to get items they will need for their stay in South Africa for a week.

But unfortunately for them, after they left the shop, they were tailed by some armed robbers and they were robbed off the money they had on them.

She said although she almost gave up on the dream to shoot the video, the members on her team motivated her to stay strong.

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MzVee who was speaking on Accra-based 3FM said that was the first time she was going to meet the video director and make some payments but they met at the Police station.

“The song I just released has a fascinating story attached to it. I shot the video in South Africa and when we got there we were robbed. After we had left the airport, we dashed into a shop to get items we will be suing for our stay in South Africa but after we left the shop, some people were looking at me someway, I don’t know whether it was because of the bag or something but they followed us and robbed us of all the dollars we had on us. All the money I was going to use for the project was taken including our passports.

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“I had to meet the video director for the first time and make some payments but we had to meet at the Police station. When we were coming we had to use the Police Statements. They stopped us at the airport and we were there for a very long time before we were allowed passage. I must say that the people around me motivated me. I could feel they were worried but they had to put on that smile to spur me on,” MzVee told Miriam on 3FM in Accra.


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