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Joyce Dzidzor Expose NPP MP Who Bought Her A 4 Bedroom House


Former HIV/AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah as she finally break silence on allegation leveled at her concerning her relationship with former President John Mahama who many thinks is the ‘Papa No’.

It was said some time back that, former president Mamaha was ‘chopping’ her on the low of which he bought her a 4 bedroom houses and sponsor all her trip outside the country.

Joyce in a video has react to the allegations as she stated in the video that, she never has any romantic relationship with the former president, Mahama and that the only problem she had with Mahama was the fact that when she got exploited as the HIV/AIDS ambassador, she wrote several letters to him but got no reply.

The former HIV/AIDS ambassador then reveal the person who bought her alleged 4 bedroom house since she is a jobless woman who can’t afford to buy that house.

According to Joyce, she has a very rich NPP MP whose name starts with Nana that provides all she needs including their visas and the 4 bedroom house

She however refused to mention the person’s full name for reasons best known to her but reveal its bit the Nana we all know to the the President but a certain Nana.

Joyce however noted that she has dated big men in NDC but not Mahama so the former president’s name should be cleared.

Watch the video below for all the details:


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